New Back Pain Guidelines Shun Medications

New treatment guidelines promulgated by the American College of Physicians suggest patients try non-drug treatment options like massage or stretching for most cases of chronic low back pain before choosing OTC medications or prescription drugs.  Read more about it here.

Thursday Thought Leader: Rx Professor Mark Pew

Love to see great recognition for my friend Mark Pew, Senior Vice President at PRIUM, aka Rx Professor!  His tireless passion for educating our work comp industry on chronic pain and appropriate treatment is exemplary.  Read more about him in LegalNet’s Thursday Thought Leader series!

Christmas Miracles in Workers’ Compensation

For those of dealing with MSAs, it’s all too common to see claims at settlement time that started out as basic and simple, then spiraled downward as a result of bad prescribing habits, increased drug use and opioid addiction.  Tower MSA Partners were hoping for a different ending, but can  miracles really happen?

New CA UR Bill Seeking Faster Delivery of Care

Read an industry expert’s opinion on the implications of California’s UR Bill (SB1160) and its impact on various stakeholders.  Jackie Payne, Vice President, Medical Management Services with Mitchell gives you an insider’s look on the potential the bill has on managed care cost containment and faster delivery of medically necessary care.

Founder & Nurse Case Manager Making a Difference!

An inspiring article highlighting that a business’ growth and delivery of work comp services can co-exist to ensure the best possible outcome for an injured worker.  Read about a nurse case manager’s journey as founder of EK Health while never forgetting her roots.  CEO Euhnee Kim’s passion and commitment to providing care to an injured worker featured in this story are great examples of Good News in Work Comp! (WCC subscription required)


David DePaolo’s Comp Laude Awards!

Comp Laude Awards-recognizing Integrity, Excellence & Success in the Work Comp Industry

David DePaolo inspired a genuine legacy of highlighting and acknowledging  individuals and companies that exemplify all that’s good in #workcomp.  David’s Comp Laude Awards Gala is a must see, and be seen at event, honoring those that are “changing the story of workers’ comp.”  Thank you David, gone too soon, but your spirit and passion live on in Comp Laude… and helped inspire the creation of!