Shayne’s Remarkable Journey following a Work-Related Brain Injury

“Shayne’s Story” portrays the rehabilitation of one patient whose work related brain injury resulted in severe deficits, limiting him in cognition, physical ability, balance, and regaining core life skills. Yet Shayne has made remarkable progress, has begun an educational journey to return to work, and is making A’s in his classes.

His journey is chronicled in “A Meaningful Recovery,” a video series produced by Centre for Neuro Skills, a postacute brain injury rehabilitation facility with locations in California and Texas. CNS emphasizes relearning life skills that aid in re-entry to work and returning to productivity (  shayne


Police Officer’s Inspiring Story of Return to Work

Click here to read about the remarkable return to work by Officer Ed Lujan after suffering a life threatening injury and the help he received along the way to ensure a good outcome.


Ronnie’s Story

Everyone Wins with Return-to-Work

While doing work for a local utility, Ronnie suffered a severe electrical shock. He recalled being loaded onto the life flight helicopter, but nothing else until he woke up from a coma. Ronnie spent 45 days in the hospital, followed by care in a rehab facility where he began the grueling process of learning to use two new prosthetic arms.  Ronnie eventually returned to work and his daily activities!

Return-to-work programs thrive when employers, injured workers, doctors and insurance carriers believe in the process and embrace their roles. It’s a formula for success that pays off for you and your employees.  “I’m not the type of person who’s going to sit home feeling sorry for myself,” said Ronnie. “I was going to be doing something. My company asked me to come back to work, and they found a position for me. It felt good to go back and be with the guys.”

Ronnie didn’t fall victim to the disability mindset, he knew he could contribute, wanted to come back as soon as medically necessary and his employer helped him all along the way to do just that!

See Ronnie’s story, he’s “not just an injured worker, he’s a friend as well.” #TexasMutual #workcomp