Good News is Back!

Well I must apologize for the lack of postings over the past few months.  Starting a new job is exciting (and overwhelming) but I am happy to back on the blog!

I was reminded of the power of people today.  Some of you may recall my blog on Dwight Johnson, an exceptional individual who never let adversity or the challenges in his life set him back.  On the contrary, it made him stronger and a never-ending source of inspiration and delight to those that had the privilege to know him.  Dwight passed away unexpectedly earlier this year, when I heard the news it literally took my breath away.  I did not believe it, but sadly it was true.  Dwight’s spirit carries on however, both in his beautiful family and through a charitable golf event being held on July 17 in his honor (donations & participants needed, please consider!).

I had been pondering whether to continue this blog.  Struggling with the fact that people tend to be more fascinated by “bad” news… good news doesn’t sell… getting our work comp industry to write about all the good has been difficult…l could go on, but you get the point.  Then out of the blue, my company’s marketing team said that our (m)Community (short for Mitchell Community) will be donating to Dwight’s memorial golf tournament!  They remembered Dwight, used my prior blog story to share with the (m)Community and wanted to do something nice in honor of someone who had touched our industry with heart and “soule.”

It was a message from beyond, Dwight still working his magic, my amazing company showing compassion and doing something right…I am not ready to throw in the towel, there is a place for this blog and sharing ALL THE GOOD WE DO IN WORKERS COMPENSATION.

So back to work, this month’s theme is “Random Acts of Kindness” and I hope you will share with me one of your stories for posting.  I am blessed to have convened an amazing Advisory Council of talented folks to help me continue this blogging journey, my sincere gratitude for your kindness!

Dwight, I’m walking with soule, only wished I had you paint me golf shoes instead of high heels then I’d be walking with you a lot more!

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