Over the years we have all heard our share of “horror” stories of work comp claims gone bad…injured worker receiving delayed treatment, injured workers denied treatment, injured worker disabled, or worse dead…and the payers or TPAs or employer are to blame, etc, etc, etc.  Not to mention the press tends to favor & sensationalize negative stories over featuring or highlighting good ones.

Hence part of the impetus behind this personal blog, a space to share our good news stories, stories of claims that have resulted in great outcomes. Stories of employers that went the extra mile to ensure the injured worker received the best care and the best possible outcome. Payers that broke with tradition and changed a practice that may have cost more…but ultimately benefited the covered worker.

The other impetus behind the blog is the spirit of David DePaolo. Like so many of you, I was touched by his passion, enthusiasm and dedication to our industry and will sorely miss seeing him as well as reading his ruminations on business and life.

Many of us have been involved in workers compensation for decades. We are passionate about ensuring good claims management philosophy including appropriate care leading to the best outcome with a focus on early return to work. We work hard to ensure injured workers are well-informed and educated on their claim and treatment, that the delivery and responsiveness is timely and finally that all touch points in the system are aligned towards successfully returning the injured worker back to work.

Let’s show everyone what we are doing well and for the RIGHT REASONS! Please contact me if you have a Good News Work Comp Story or even a best practice you’d like the world to see. Injured Workers’ personal testimonials would be awesome. I happen to believe there are many more good news stories than those that grab headlines, join me in flipping the focus!

Your Good News Girl in Work Comp,


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